David Rich, Fitness Coach | Bikini Model Fitness & Women's Workout Channel On YouTube

Women's Workout Channel was created by fitness trainer and former male model, David Rich, who has nearly 20 years experience working with over 200 Bikini and Fitness Models. WWC started as a YouTube Channel whose mission was to help all women get amazing legs and butts. With over 1,800,000 subscribers on one channel and 2,000,000 on our sister channel, Bikini Model Fitness, David Rich has created THE go-to empire for getting into fast shape focusing on booty, hips, legs and abs.  Some of the first girls to try their trainings and programs went on to become very popular Bikini and Fitness Models with millions of followers themselves.

Since WWC's workouts were released to the public 1,000's of women have followed these workout to achieve amazing results within. Women from all over the world have sent in their before and after pics, many of them completely transforming their lower body in as little as 30-90 days.

Women's Workout Channel's programs and challenges have worked for every type of women from housewives, teenagers, women in their 50's, bikini models, working moms, college girls, girls who have never worked out before, and even experienced lifters.